Playing with colour


'Dancing sky' - 60cm x 60cm

‘Dancing sky’ – 60cm x 60cm – oil on canvas – £770

When I’m painting the sky, it’s moving all the time, changing light, changing colour, changing form. Here, I’m just trying to capture that energy.


'Sea pink' - 30cm x 30cm

‘Sea pink’ – 30cm x 30cm oil on canvas – £295

I had great fun with this, it came from a sketch done whilst walking along the Cornish coast. Working from that sketch when I got home liberated the painting from having to ‘be’ the right colour.


'Sea green' - 30cm x 60cm

Sea green – 30cm x 60cm – oil on canvas – £550 – SOLD from The Harbour Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall

The view from Falmouth towards St. Antony’s head lighthouse. Playing with colour.

A burst of energy



‘And the sun comes’ 5 inches x 7 inches – oil on canvas board

I’ve been painting the skies recently, aswell as the sea, and it’s been great fun playing with colours and brushstrokes. I like making these little studies, as they encourage experimentation.


‘Cloud study’ – 7 inches by 5 inches – oil on canvas board. These small works also make plein air painting more user friendly.



‘Night watch’ 7 inches x 5 inches – oil on canvas board. Titled so because when sailing through the night and the sun goes down, the colours of the sea and the sky can do some quite surprising things. The whole lot is moving and changing all the time.

Sky, sea, colour

At the start of this year I wanted to take a fresh look at things, to liberate the colour within my work.

These are some of the first paintings that have come from that impetus. I am always inspired by the colours around me, even on a rainy day they can be far more dynamic to the naked eye, than on any photograph that I try to take.

I wanted to make these colours dance on the canvas, the three paintings below are from my winter walks along the Cornish coast.

It is not about replicating the beauty of nature, but about trying to respond to it.

Sky and sea - 40cm x 40cm

Sky and sea – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475 – SOLD

Currently exhibiting at The Harbour Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall


From the cliff - 50cm x 50cm

From the cliff – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm – £595


Wave - 40cm x 40cm

Wave – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475



The figure, and colour.



Avocado suite - 12.5cm x 17.5cm

Avocado suite – 12.5cm x 17.5cm – oil on canvas board


Since the twentieth century there have been  numerous paintings inspired by the private devotions of bathers, this one is ‘after’ Pierre Bonnard. You can’t contemplate in a shower, but you can in a bath, and I like the idea of someone doing just that, despite surroundings, despite the luminous bathroom suite.

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Red flower I - 12.5cm x 17.5cm

Red flower I – 12.5cm x 17.5cm – oil on canvas board


This is an impasto work, with more emphasis on colour and texture, rather than form, and so the picture takes on an abstract feel. For this I made my own encaustic paint, mixing dry pigments with a paste made of melted beeswax and turpentine. Tube oil paints are something I could never do without, but being part of the whole process, from colour, to paint, to painting, is really satisfying. And also long-winded, no wonder artists took on assistants.

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