New work at the Byre Gallery

Have a look at some new paintings exhibiting in the ‘Hidden depths show’ at the Byre Gallery. 

Wind and salt - 12.5cm x 18cm

‘Wind and salt’ – oil on canvas board – painting size 12.5cm x 18cm.  Framed. £225

White water - 30cm x 30cm

White water – painting size 30cm x 30cm –  Oil on canvas. Framed. £355


Sea pinks - 12.5cm x 18cm

‘Sea pinks’ – oil on canvas board – painting size 12.5cm x 18cm. SOLD Framed. £225

Lino Prints

These black and white artworks have all come from recent walks along the Cornish coast with my sketchbook. As a painter, lines and mark-making are usually confined to my sketches, but cutting into the lino board I’ve been having a great time using them to try to capture the energy of the sea and sky, and the different characters at the edges of Cornwall.



Cliff walk – Limited edition lino print – 15cm x 20cm



On the beach – Limited edition lino print – 20cm x 15cm



In the creek – limited edition lino print – 15cm x 20cm


Sky, sea, colour

At the start of this year I wanted to take a fresh look at things, to liberate the colour within my work.

These are some of the first paintings that have come from that impetus. I am always inspired by the colours around me, even on a rainy day they can be far more dynamic to the naked eye, than on any photograph that I try to take.

I wanted to make these colours dance on the canvas, the three paintings below are from my winter walks along the Cornish coast.

It is not about replicating the beauty of nature, but about trying to respond to it.

Sky and sea - 40cm x 40cm

Sky and sea – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475 – SOLD

Currently exhibiting at The Harbour Gallery, Portscatho, Cornwall


From the cliff - 50cm x 50cm

From the cliff – oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm – £595


Wave - 40cm x 40cm

Wave – oil on canvas – 40cm x 40cm – £475