New work at the Byre Gallery

Have a look at some new paintings exhibiting in the ‘Hidden depths show’ at the Byre Gallery. 

Wind and salt - 12.5cm x 18cm

‘Wind and salt’ – oil on canvas board – painting size 12.5cm x 18cm.  Framed. £225

White water - 30cm x 30cm

White water – painting size 30cm x 30cm –  Oil on canvas. Framed. £355


Sea pinks - 12.5cm x 18cm

‘Sea pinks’ – oil on canvas board – painting size 12.5cm x 18cm. SOLD Framed. £225

‘Taste’ New exhibition at the Byre Gallery

I’m very excited to be exhibiting with the Byre Gallery this Spring

Getting my teeth stuck into some still life and landscape paintings.

Here is a…taster.

Pomegranite - 40cm x 40cm

‘Pomegranite’ – 40cm x 40cm oil on board. See more in Still life

'Cliff Park field' - 25cm x 40cm

Cliff Park field – 25cm x 40cm – oil on board. See more in Landscape

Avocado l - 25cm x 30cm

‘Avocado’ I – 25cm x 30cm – oil on board. See more in Still life.






Lino Prints

These black and white artworks have all come from recent walks along the Cornish coast with my sketchbook. As a painter, lines and mark-making are usually confined to my sketches, but cutting into the lino board I’ve been having a great time using them to try to capture the energy of the sea and sky, and the different characters at the edges of Cornwall.



Cliff walk – Limited edition lino print – 15cm x 20cm



On the beach – Limited edition lino print – 20cm x 15cm



In the creek – limited edition lino print – 15cm x 20cm


Still life – a contemporary view

Apples in the washbowl   oil on canvas – 50cm x 50cm – SOLD

‘Still Life’ as a discipline can be a fascinating subject. Life however, is never still, it moves on determinedly all the time from life to death, death being another element in the passage of time. A moment can be captured in a photograph or a painting, however, that object itself will wither and degrade, and whatever the object, time is patient. In fact that very painting or photograph will then wither and degrade. Taken literally, there is no such thing in terms of representation as ‘still life’ – I prefer to think of it as a ‘glimpse of life’, a moment in time. For me it is more dynamic than just ‘an arrangement of inanimate objects’, for me it tells of the inevitable story of things moving from one state to another.

So, apples in the washbowl – the bright fresh fruits, promising much, and full of energy.

Life is transient, and the pips in the bottom right corner show that the apples will soon be consumed. On the other hand, one tries to keep things for the future, the moth which has alighted on one of the apples, signifies that sometimes things fail. Apples may moulder in their box, moths may come in and destroy. A rather symbolic work under the surface, a picture which imparts a message, not just an image. Messages of course can be interpreted in many different ways. Ultimately, time is the topic here, not apples. You could view it negatively – time is immoveable, unchangeable, it is fruitless to try to arrest the action of things moving from one state to another, living, ageing and dying. You could view it positively – if time did not move relentlessly on, there would be no impetus to live life fully, with all the time in the world there may be nothing to rouse one to activity and to enjoy. Carpe diem. Sieze the day.

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Pilots Cutters and ‘the squeeze’

The Sea

Recent work – The Pilots Cutters

‘Waiting for ‘the off’, Fowey,  oil on canvas – 100cm x 100cm – SOLD

Every year the Pilot Cutter Review is held on a  May weekend in Cornwall.  Here are some of the boats hoisting sails, waiting for the race line to form. Mascotte is in the centre, one of the original Bristol Channel Pilot Cutters, with the distinctive N on her sail, for Newport. On the left is the beautiful Pilot Cutter Freya, newly built by Luke Powell and Working Sail, launched in April this year. In the background in full tan sail is the Westerman who took part in the racing.

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Interior and space

Recent work – still life

‘The squeeze’  oil on canvas – 30cm x 30cm – SOLD

Here I have tried to capture the feel of  lemons, not just their appearance. The intense, fresh, face-puckering citrus danger –  sharp feel, sharp flavour.  In this image though, all the energy has gone out of the fruit, the danger – passed. The colours have dulled, the focus soft. Two flies cautiously eye up the spent juice.

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Take a look also at  both prints and a selection of original paintings can be purchased through this site.

New work

Interior and space

‘Forbidden Fruit’  – oil on canvas – 30cm x 30cm

For full works, click on the heading – interior and space – top right

 There is a dead wasp in the painting, immediately in front of a rather acidic-looking grapefruit. The wasp as uninvited guest has been dealt a severe blow. The  message – don’t eat the forbidden fruit.

This painting is currently exhibited at ‘Mounts Bay Contemporary’ Penzance



‘Fleet’   – oil on canvas – 120cm x 150cm

For full works, click on the heading – The Sea – top right

The Pilot Cutter review is held every May in St. Mawes, Cornwall. Here is a glimpse of the full fleet of classic boats

This painting is currently exhibited at ‘Sullys Framing,’ Penryn, Cornwall.


‘Orchard, evening’ –   oil on canvas – 30cm x 30cm

For full works click on the heading – Landscapes – top right

The evening light filters through the branches in a March orchard, creating purples and mauves, rose and creams.


I am interested in the beauty that lies around me.

I want to capture the essence of an image which otherwise might be overlooked.

My art is about the landscape of life in all its forms – it’s fleetingness, it’s poetry, it’s loneliness, and it’s reality.

There are many things which inspire me, however, my work settles within three categories.

Interior and space

“The red shoes”  – For full works click on the link page, top right


“The Great Outdoors”  – For full works click on the link page, top right

The sea

“The Race”  – for full works click on the link page, top right